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We consult and advise on topics related to open systems:

  • Strategic benefit of (open) IT systems
  • Implementation planning
  • Support with public bidding and selection procedures
  • Assessment and evaluation of systems and solutions

Project mentoring

We manage and coach your projects and support you in success­fully imple­menting new solutions:

  • Programme management
  • Project management
  • Project planning
  • Management of troubled projects
  • Migration projects
  • Project controlling
  • Assessment of project success

Software development

We support you in developing open systems by providing:

  • Management of development teams
  • Quality management and assurance
  • Selection and implementation of open development methods
  • Optimizing release and deployment cycles


Misunderstanding and conflicts in projects are common. In most cases, issues can be resolved just by clarifying each party's position.

We offer mediation in case of troubled projects before the situation escalates.

Process management

Dynamic corporate environments as well as technological changes require business processes to be efficient and effectiveat the same time.

We support you in designing adaptable business processes that are functionally fit today and flexible to accommodate for future requirements.

Expert advisories

We provide advisories

  • to support decisions for innovation projects
  • as risk assessments prior to judicial proceedings
  • supporting mediation proceedings
  • to rate, evaluate and benchmark IT assets

Data protection

On May 25th 2018 the new data protection law comes into effect. It transfers the General Data Protection Regulation into domestic law. In preparation and continuing support we offer you:

  • Creating records of processing activities according to Art.30/§49
  • Risk analysis and
  • Data protection impact analysis according to Art.35/§52
  • Services as external data protection officer

If you are interested in our services and expertise, please contact us.




Open Enterprise Computing Students handbook (2016)

Open Source Argumentarium (2012)

Open Source Argumentarium (2011)

Academic work

Analysis of arguments against Open Source and Open Solutions (2012)

Open Source Software in Strategic IT Management (2011)

Soft Skills In Practice And In Education (2010)

Security_on_the_Internet (2001)


Lecture Open Source (2016)

Open Innovation (2015)

Strategy and Open Source (2014)

Anforderungsmanagement: Von Open Source Projekten lernen (2013)

Anforderungsmanagement: Von Open Source Projekten lernen - Handout (2013)

Open Source in der Unternehmensberatung (2012)

Präsentation Master These (2011)

IT Strategieentwicklung (2010)

Open Source Lernsoftware, Linuxtage 2008 (2008)

Entscheidungskriterien Open Source, UBIT Beratertage (2008)

Gegenüberstellung Lizenzkosten (2005)

Vortrag EDV-Sicherheit (2003)


General Data Protection: GDPR and DSG context overview  

Open Source Architekturstack

Open Source Businessanwendungen

IT Strategieprinzipien (2010, überarb. 2013)

IT Trendlandkarte (2012) lang, kurz

Concepts and Papers

Offene Unternehmenslösungen (2013)

Offene Innovationen (2013)

Studie Bring your own device (2012)



LibreOffice color palette

LibreOffice comes with an unattractive standard color palette that hasn't changed since StarOffice.
We gave it an overhaul and included MS Office standard colors (Larissa) in the process.
Documents can now include a uniform color palette and retain color layouts on different platforms.

Store this file with Save Link As... (right mouse click) under your .config/libreoffice/4/user/config folder.

LibreOffice color palette (incl. Larissa) or download it from GitHub



Open Source Slides  


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OSS Slides (RSB) by Wolf Rogner are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Austria License. Based on a work at